About us

The Suffolk Vikings Ski Team

The Suffolk Vikings are a slalom ski race team based at the dry slope at Suffolk Leisure Park in Ipswich. It is a club run by volunteers for anyone who is interested in ski racing. We hold two-three training sessions each week and compete in races locally, nationally, and sometimes internationally.  Although we are based at the Suffolk Leisure Park, the Vikings are an independent club, run entirely by volunteers and run on a not for profit basis. The Vikings are funded through a small membership fee and various events held throughout the year.


Founded in 1983 the Vikings have grown from a small group of ski race lovers to over 100 members, aged from 5 to over 50!


The Vikings have 3 sessions a week. The first is for people who are new to the Vikings. This is the "Viklings" or V12 session and is where new skiers are invited for an assessment of their ability and is at 12:00 - 13:30 every saturday. The secound is our main session on Staurday morning at 8:30 - 10:30, here you are placed into the groups described below where a permanent coach is assigned to you and that coach will work with you and the group to improve your technique & racing ability.

Our groups are based on the American ski team’s structure and are not based around speed. Instead racers are allocated based solely on their maturity and concentration span. This way the racers are more effectively engaged and they learn faster. The groups are;

  • Yellow - This is for people new to skiing and the younger ones. The sessions are fun, crazy and wacky designed to engage and improve skiers balance and stability on skis.
  • Green - This is for slightly more experienced skiers who still need high levels of enthusiasm to maintain concentration but are able to begin to develop the core ideas around ski racing
  • Blue - As the racers begin to mature they are able to understand the ideas and technical reasons behind what they do. This group focuses more on this and the mind-set of a racer so they can develop their skiing to the next level.
  • Red - This group is mainly aimed at the older racers and adults. Within depth video analysis and coaching around power, acceleration and extension they are able to progress onto top level athlete

The final session we run is on a monday night and is invitation only. This is for mature racers to practice the skills and techniques they learnt in the previous saturday's session.

Can I join?

If you want to ski race then yes, you can join. Vikings’ training is intended for those that can already ski and is not suitable for complete beginners. However, it is not necessary to have skied on snow to join the Vikings. If you can’t ski yet, you need to learn first, and the place for that is on one of the courses run by the Suffolk Leisure Park. If you think you are good enough then head over to the contact us page and fill in the form.

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