Our Approach

Founder of the Vikings, Carl is a Level 4 Snow Sports Coach with over 25 years of race coaching experience. Here you can find all the topics and ideas we teach our vikings. Whether you are just curious or you want to take a deeper look into what we teach you can find it all here.

There are two Vikings sessions each week. The first is the main session run on Saturday mornings. Here everyone is split up into groups based on their maturity and the teaching style best suited to them they are:

  • Yellow - This is for people new to skiing and the younger ones. The sessions are fun, crazy and wacky designed to engage and improve skiers balance and stability on skis.
  • Green - This is for slightly more experienced skiers who still need high levels of enthusiasm to maintain concentration but are able to begin to develop the core ideas around ski racing
  • Blue - As the racers begin to mature they are able to understand the ideas and technical reasons behind what they do. This group focuses more on this and the mind set of a racer so they can develop their skiing to the next level.
  • Red - This group is mainly aimed at the older racers and adults. With in depth video analysis and coaching around power, acceleration and extension they are able to progress onto top level athletes
The other Vikings session is run on Monday nights. This session is much more about putting into practice what you have learnt in the previous Saturday's session. So a course in set up at the beginner and racers are allowed to run the course at their own pace.